Celebrating Manufacturing Excellence at Best Factory Awards 2011

So the UK manufacturing industry is in the doldrums is it? Not from where we were sitting at last week’s Best Factory Awards at the Park Lane Sheraton. The awards celebrate manufacturing excellence and this year’s shortlisted companies are all continuing to improve and grow, in what has been another difficult year.

This year’s winners all have a clear strategy which cascades right down to the shop floor. They are adopting lean, empowering the workforce and pursuing continuous improvement.

It’s a tough market, but there was an abundance of optimism in the room – making products is back in fashion and it’s a great time to recognise excellence in this sector.

We were delighted to give this year’s People Management Award to Carl Zeiss NTS – winners of three awards this year. Their commitment to skills development and training and education for all employees and managers, ensures that everybody is actively involved in improving the business. Very well done.

Take a look at the awards and hear from Kronos customer Allan Harley, Vaillant, on what winning an award means to his organisation.


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