I’m back home now after a few days in Orlando at this year’s KronosWorks conference – our annual event to showcase new products, meet with customers from across the globe and discuss innovation in the world of workforce management.

After a flight delay of 3 hours on the way out, and time spent trying to amuse myself in Gatwick airport reviewing our new German website on my Blackberry (tricky when the screen is 5cm wide and you don’t speakGerman! ), I finally arrived in Orlando after 11pm.

Even though it was another weekend away from home I was really looking forward to KronosWorks this year, even more than usual.  It was great to see the excitement from customers and analysts alike as we released the Kronos InTouch, our new employee data collection and self service terminal and the latest release for Workforce Central 6.3. Bottom line I was not disappointed. You could feel the buzz in the room as InTouch was revealed, a step change in employee interaction devices – you can even use it to order your lunch!

As for 6.3 the 2nd release of Navigator brings an even more intuitive interaction driven by the expectation of modern day consumer products and a raft of new functionality for our global customers, that together with the 2nd release of mobile for I phone, Blackberry and Android brings it to a full house of exciting and game changing offerings from Kronos, that bring even more competitive advantage to our customers.

For the first time we hosted the editor of a well known UK publication Retail Systems. Karen Moss met with a number of our retail customers including the Coop and was looking forward to reviewing the event from her perspective in Retail Systems.

On the final day, I really enjoyed sitting on the International panel session with Toyota of India, National Oilwell Varco, the Coop and Caterpillar. Each year we see the global interest in Workforce Management growing and this year was no exception, with a large group of international attendees joining the session.

Another great year with exciting things to come.  And after the slick operation at KronosWorks it was irritating to have a 2 hour delay again on the homeward journey – rescued only by the great service from the Virgin Atlantic staff on the flight home.

Here’s a preview of Kronos InTouch – you can see for yourself how far the humble time clock has come over the years.


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