It’s Time to Get Flexible!

Yesterday I was interested to read about O2’s ‘Flexible Working’ experiment. Billed as the biggest flexible working initiative of its kind, O2 closed the doors to its Slough office for a period of 24 hours. Instead of battling into the office employees were asked to work from home for the day.

O2 was testing its contingency plans for the anticipated travel disruption around the Olympic Games this summer. Clearly this initiative demonstrates O2’s forward thinking approach to flexible working and the benefits that it can deliver to both the company and its employees.

The statistics for the benefits of flexible working are compelling – 47 per cent of UK employees think flexible working is an important employment benefit, 39 per cent of companies say it makes employees more productive and 43 per cent believe that it improve employee retention.

Halleluiah is all I can say…. I have been extolling the benefits of flexible working for organisations and employees for years. Both companies and employees are facing huge challenges these days and flexible working can really help.

Businesses are challenged with, cutting costs, increasing revenues, improving productivity and delivering better customer service. And at the same time striving to attract and retain good employees by offering an excellent working environment.

And employees face issues such as providing family care – for young children and elderly parents, an ever increasing cost of living and travel disruption and expense.

Flexible working can help. Implemented in the correct way and supported by a workforce management system that ensures consistent administration of complex flexible work contracts will make a significant contribution to meeting these challenges.

We have a FREE White Paper at Kronos entitled ‘Reaping the Rewards of Flexible Working’. This document explains the various forms of flexible working and the things that businesses need to consider when implementing flexible work policies.


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