Is your organisation Olympic fit?

For the Olympics, unfortunately in stereotypical form we seem to have made a bit of a mess with the event tickets, although I am sure we will get it right in this next pass.

What worries me more is the readiness of our industry for the disruption that it will inevitably cause. Granted if you are directly affected – construction, security, food and beverage etc you must have taken measures already to ensure the right coverage of staff leading up to and through the Olympic period. However, what of those companies not directly affected?

In a recent survey of manufacturers conducted by BT, a worrying 40 per cent of companies say they are not making any preparations at all. Even though 87 per cent do have concerns about the negative knock-on effects of the event. Issues like unpredictable dips or surges in demand, staff attendance and employee productivity are amongst the top concerns. I would add to that, whatever measures you do take, also think about the supply chain?

Colin Hansen, the former British Columbia Minister responsible for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, said “No manufacturing firm in the UK should expect next summer to be business as usual, but with the right plans in place, they can take advantage of the occasion and seize the long-term economic benefits.”

With less than 6 months to go now I would encourage you all to use the capabilities of your Workforce Management system and think about measures you could take. Flexible working patterns, new shift patterns and delivery schedules, additional breaks, perhaps even provision of TV’s in the staff facilities are amongst some.

The UK is going to be a showcase around the world, if you have not already thought about how you can accommodate the disruption and better still take on some of the advantages the games will bring, now is the time to do it.


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