Sunday – it’s just another day…

How many of my blog readers actually remember a time when Sunday was kept strictly for Church and family time and how hotly Sunday trading was debated when it was originally introduced in the Sunday Trading Act 1994? There was a great deal of opposition at the time, now, of course, we take Sunday shopping totally for granted.

So is it now time to do away with Sunday trading laws completely? There’s been a lot of debate as to whether the temporary lifting of Sunday Trading legislation during the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer is actually the Government paving the way towards deregulating Sunday Trading altogether.  The Government is strenuously denying this but I can see it may be tempting for retailers to increase the pressure on the Government if it means the possibility of higher revenues in these tough economic times.

The Government has said that employees can’t be forced to work extra hours on Sunday and will keep their legal protection but taking employee preferences into consideration and finding skilled staff prepared to work extra hours may cause some retailers a bigger headache than others, particularly if they still rely on manual scheduling. Poor scheduling could mean store managers won’t be able to cover the extra hours adequately without incurring increased overtime costs or could lose customers due to poor customer service if they don’t have the best staff available to cover the extra opening hours. Hopefully, our retail customers won’t have such issues as their automated staff scheduling capability will help managers meet the challenges both during the summer games and beyond…


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