Employees in the UK and around the world believe that Overtime Rules are being violated!

In a recent survey commissioned by Kronos it would appear that the majority of hourly paid workers (63 % in the UK) believe that overtime rules are being broken by their employers. Although I do wonder how many of these situations are because organisations are unaware of these violations verses how many organisations knowingly break the rules to save time and money? I hope it is the former, as over 50% of UK hourly paid workers say that working overtime is a requirement of their job, it is easy to see how bosses are able to put pressure on employees to do the extra time and how employees come to rely on overtime pay.

Many non-hourly paid workers are expected to,  and do work for as long as it takes to achieve their targets but as hourly paid workers tend to be on lower pay rates and often rely on overtime to supplement their income the pressures to work longer hours is greater. And what of those hours that employees work but don’t receive any pay – simply because their time is not tracked accurately and overtime pay rules are not applied? Not only do organisations who allow this kind of activity open themselves up to litigation – they may also find it hard to retain good employees.

After all an employee who works hard and is remunerated fairly is much more likely to be engaged and will remain with the organisation. Employers will ultimately gain with less employee churn and a better skilled and engaged workforce.


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