The Evolution of Workforce Management

Much has changed since I became involved in the business of workforce management. From computerised time-clocks with printed start and stop times, sometime totals on a paper report; to sophisticated Employee Self Service capturing data related to attendance, activity, availability, preferences, holidays and more, that can be interrogated in real time over the web, mobile phones and tablets. All that together with solutions that forecast and model the labour requirement, place the right person in the right place at the right time and ensure optimum productivity across the whole organisation. – workforce management has definitely evolved.

 In a recent article I was able to contribute to, Scott Beagrie of Payroll World explores how the new-age workforce management solutions are helping to change the ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ image of the past and are now seen as a vital user-friendly and strategic, business solution.

Today’s workforce expects their business applications to be as easy to use as consumer applications like Google and Facebook and I am proud to say that Kronos is leading the way with our Next Generation of workforce management solutions. It allows managers to be away from their desks and still have full visibility of where labour is being utilised, what issues there may be and to obtain guidance in how to address those issues in order to make timely decisions to improve the performance of the business. Employees are able to bid for shifts, request time off and access a myriad of relevant apps from the inTouch terminal, their mobile devices or desktop.

It never ceases to amaze me that so many organisations have not yet addressed the issue of workforce efficiency – despite the fact that their employees are often their most expensive resource. At a basic level – you can’t manage what you can’t measure!

And what about the other end of the scale? What is the next evolutionary step organisations can take on their workforce management journey? What if an organisation already has a workforce management solution to manage attendance, absence forecasting and scheduling? What more can an organisation do to improve workforce efficiency?  Managing the huge amount of workforce data that organisations collect is a real challenge, Big Data applications such as Workforce Analytics is the next obvious area to address. Organisations will gain valuable insight into all this data that will allow them to focus on key performance indicators, identify best and poor practice and make even better business decisions that can positively impact their bottom line


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