Time-Recording to Strategic Workforce Management – 35 Years of Kronos

Kronos celebrates its 35th Anniversary this week – Kronos was incorporated in 1977 – a year when Abba had several number 1’s and Leo Sayer, Elvis, Donna Summer and David Soul also topped the UK music chart. Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Saturday Night Fever, were the top grossing films of the year and interestingly the iconic Apple Inc was also incorporated in this eventful year.

Today is, coincidentally, the 20th Anniversary of my joining Kronos. I started work with Kronos on the 2nd of November 1992 – there were just 3 of us in the UK and we were the full extent of our European presence. At that time we provided leading edge time and attendance systems, locally deployed green screen DOS and UNIX systems and TKC version 5. We were mainly replacing punch card clocks in the hourly paid workplace. Incredibly the majority of our first customers are still with us today. Notable events this year were that the Conservative Party won their fourth General Election, despite the UK being in the throes of a recession. The Queen celebrated her Ruby Jubilee and had her Annus Horribilis, oh, and vinyl records were being removed from many retail outlets due to the increase in sales of CDs and cassette tapes (who remembers those now!).

How times have changed! We now offer leading edge Workforce Management solutions across all industry sectors, providing our customers with real competitive advantage. We help forecast their need for labour, help them deploy the right people at the right time, capture where labour is being used and analyse all that workforce management data to uncover best practice and improve the performance of the business. In a nutshell we now deliver a strategic solution that helps our customers increase revenue, lower costs, reduce risk, and at the same time, increase employee engagement. It has been an interesting journey.

Kronos now has around 250 employees across Europe and is a leading global presence in over 100 countries. We partner with some of the most well-known System Integrators and, just occasionally, we still replace a punch card clock, but it’s rare these days….


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