Does Absence make the Heart Grow Fonder?

Whilst over in Las Vegas at KronosWorks 2012, one of the things top of my exciting agenda was meetings with the press and analysts who were there to gain an insight into how Kronos provides our customers with such value and competitive advantage. I had the pleasure of showing Lizzy Anderson, section editor of Management Today, around the conference and was subsequently delighted that Lizzy agreed to publish my top ten tips for dealing with Absence in Management Today.

Absence is a key issue that customers often ask us to help with and it certainly doesn’t make the heart grow fonder, it actually costs real money, creates a lot of pressure on other members of the workforce as well as significantly, and negatively, affecting both productivity and employee engagement. Patterns of behaviour like extending the weekends with sick days, arriving late or leaving early and taking long breaks cannot be easily monitored or tracked manually and are often ignored by busy managers This makes it very difficult to manage absence across the workforce consistently. 

My top 10 tips that can help organisations manage their absence can be found in Management Today here.


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