CIPD say employers are ‘missing a trick’ if they don’t offer older workers flexible working

Simon MacphersonAlthough I am currently enjoying a great holiday I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone in my Staff Central blog world a very Happy New Year! With the old year being ushered out with the end of the Mayan calendar (not an apocalyptic ending  it would seem but the beginning of a new era) – I thought it would be good to look at some of the popular topics around workforce management and see if there’s more news and ideas I can share with you before I turn my thoughts back to rest and relaxation.

One of the topics I covered last year around workforce management was flexible working and the ageing workforce. By 2020 it is estimated that 36% of the working population will be over 50. Following on from the recent discussions about the ageing workforce and employment in the House of Lords, the CIPD have again reminded employers that they are ‘missing a trick’ if they don’t offer flexible working to a workforce of which over half plan to work beyond the state retirement age. According to research findings employers who do not make allowances and offer some flexibility will be losing out on ‘better customer service, enhanced knowledge retention and a workforce that can help to address talent and skills shortage’, however, at this time it has been reported that over three quarters (76%) of employers have made no allowances in their workplace for an older workforce.

Making adjustments to working hours, workload and even working environments can enable older workers to remain productive or even become more productive. There is plenty of guidance out there for employers who want to take advantage of this opportunity and Kronos have produced a whitepaper ‘The ageing workforce a challenge or an opportunity?’ that makes interesting reading.

Perhaps one of this year’s resolutions for employers should be to think about flexible working, how they will manage and monitor it and what adjustments they could make in order to ‘Reap the rewards of flexible working’ , again you can read more in the informative white paper.


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