How Mature Are You? Part 1

This is not a trick question. In the world of workforce management, where you are on the maturity curve* could mean the difference between being a high-performance organisation with a real competitive advantage or one that struggles to survive – particularly in these challenging economic times. High performing organisations look to be at the top of the workforce management maturity curve, but there are benefits to be gained wherever you are and it doesn’t matter what size organisation you are or what industry you operate in – if you want your workforce to be key to your success and bring true competitive advantage – you should want to know where you are.

Workforce Management Maturity Curve - Automate The first phase of workforce management maturity is the move from manual to automated. The Automate Phase focuses on the ability to streamline, simplify, and standardise necessary business processes such as attendance and absence management and/or calculating hours for payroll. As with all phases in workforce management maturity, the automate phase combines both process and technology improvements. And while the levels of complexity and maturity vary drastically from one organisation to the next, often there are additional automation steps organisations can take even if they have some level of workforce management already in place.

The value of its people increases as an organisation navigates the automate phase. Automation unburdens the workforce and allows their time and energy to be invested in higher value activities that will help your organisation achieve its strategic goals.

So here are a few questions for you:

• Do you know who is at work right now?
• Do you know who is working overtime?
• Who was late this-morning?
• Who was missing yesterday?

In my next post I will be introducing you to the next level – The Planning Phase – don’t forget to sign up to my blog so that you won’t miss it. And if you have any comments or questions it would be great to hear from you, I will be happy to respond.

*The workforce management maturity curve was first discussed in detail in my US Kronos colleagues’ blog It’s About Time.


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