What are the top trends and strategies in UK manufacturing today?

Picture1My last blog about managing a European workforce reminded me to tell you about a manufacturing round table I attended in the Nordics where one of the things under discussion was a recent IDC Global Manufacturing Survey. The survey shows that there has been a huge increase in the growth of global trade and investment and European manufacturers are taking advantage of this growth and have to work in partnership with foreign governments who now expect foreign investors to support local economic development. There are many reasons for this growth and these include:

• Increased labour costs in countries where labour was once cheap
• Countries that had previously relied on the service industry are now looking at manufacturing as an economic driver
• Rising transport costs and time to market means manufacturers are looking to produce goods closer to their marketplace
• In emerging economies consumer and industrial markets are growing

Best in class manufacturers stand to gain competitive advantage by developing the local workforce; however they also face high risks when it comes to local labour legislation compliance.

Because labour management plays such a critical role in global competitiveness it was unanimously agreed by the manufacturers who attended the event that improving the management of their global workforce will help manufacturers take greater advantage of these evolving opportunities and a truly global workforce management solution can help manufacturers manage this multilingual, multi-cultural workforce more easily.

To find out more take at look at the survey report – ‘Global Workforce Management: Trends and Strategies for U.K. Manufacturers’
As always feel free to contact me with your views and opinions.


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