The Big Event!

It’s been a while since I posted as I have had a brief break on the boat (which was quite exciting as the weather was pretty awful on the south coast of England with rain and poor visibility making sailing quite challenging). I have then been busy preparing for our big customer event, KronosLive EMEA, which we are holding in London tomorrow. We are expecting over 200 delegates and it is our biggest event yet in the UK.

I really am very excited this year as I have been asked to chair a panel discussion which will comprise of customers from all industries including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, services and logistics.

The focus of the panel session will be around three key themes:

1) Labour related Analytics
2) The increasing need/expectations around Mobile data
3) Utilising the Cloud to offload the support and management of business applications from overstretched IT departments.

In addition I will be asking our customer panel questions related to opportunities for productivity improvement in their organisations from new functionality available in our Workforce Central Solution v7.0 such as Task Management.

Before the panel session Aron Ain the CEO of Kronos, Charlie Dewitt of Kronos and my good friend Mollie Lombardi from the Aberdeen Group will all be touching on the 3 key themes in varying degrees of detail and the way all of them can improve labour productivity within organisations.

Mollie will also be presenting at our Retail Executive Summit which we are also holding this week and I will be looking forward to hearing her views and opinions on; ‘The State of Workforce Management in Retail in Western Europe’.

I look forward to letting you know how the panellist discussions go and finding out more about how they are using their workforce management solution to meet the new challenges they are facing in each of their industries. Meanwhile if you have any thoughts on any of the topics we will be covering I would be very interested to hear them.


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