Which? Best Retailer survey – who made it to the top this year?

London ShopsWhich? recently asked 11,000 shoppers to give their verdicts on the 100 most well-known high street brands in the UK. I was not at all surprised to read that Apple topped the survey. The reasons given for Apple’s popularity included great customer service, knowledgeable staff as well as great atmosphere and products. No surprises there!

The thing that seems to set the best and the worst retailers apart, according to the Which? survey, aside from great products is great customer service – Apple’s employees are fully engaged, knowledgeable and eager to help customers. Great customer service is made easier to deliver when supported with an automated workforce management solution that can help managers schedule the best employees at the busiest times to maximise sales. An automated system can also help managers keep on top of skills and training and ensure that these are taken into consideration when scheduling staff in the stores, so that the right people are where they are needed most. Whether it’s front of store at the checkout or behind the scenes making sure the shelves are fully stocked and tidy, scheduling staff more efficiently and effectively will enhance the customer experience.

Good news for our favourite high-street retailers is that although the Which? research revealed over half of shoppers choose to buy products online these days, they still prefer high street shops to shopping centres, retail parks or online websites. The survey also revealed that over a third of consumers spend more money in real-world shops than online which shows, in our omni-channel retailing world, having staff who deliver great customer service in the store is still important to consumers – and to retailers with an eye on the bottom line.


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