Turning the soft term “employee engagement” into hard operational results

My good friend and colleague, Gregg Gordon, recently visited the UK to participate in the ‘Great Productivity Debate’ held by Work’s Management. He also visited Vaillant, one of our manufacturing customers, where he learnt how employee engagement is key to their success.

The summary of his visit was as follows “After my week in the UK and spending a significant time discussing employee engagement with a number of companies, it is clear that those who are successful have evolved from occasional bursts of engagement activity and suggestion boxes into a significant commitment from both HR and Operations into treating their employees like expert consultants. Tangible activities include setting up measurable goals (both group and individual), providing the investments in tools and training, committing management’s time to the effort and finally rewarding when appropriate.” Read the full post on ‘Lean Labour’ and find out what he learned about Vaillant,  Productivity and Employee Engagement .

gregggordonAbout Gregg: a mechanical engineer by training, he has led a successful career spanning 20 years focused on enhancing operational efficiencies for manufacturers and currently leads awareness building efforts for the manufacturing market at Kronos. He has effectively led strategic workforce management initiatives both in the U.S. and international markets working with multinational IndustryWeek 500 organisations. He’s passionate about workforce management and the role of labour in achieving operational efficiencies and he led the development of Overall Labour Effectiveness (OLE ™), a key performance indicator that measures the utilisation, performance, and quality of the workforce and its impact on productivity.  Find out more about Gregg here


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