Like Fine Wine Older Workers Improve With Age

According to an article in Employee Benefits  older staff are apparently healthier and fitter than their younger colleagues.  Well I can’t help but agree with that 😉

Britain’s healthiest company report, which surveyed nearly 10,000 UK employees,  has found that the average Vitality Age (or health age) of respondents in their 60s is 3.9 years older than their actual age whilst respondents in their 30s and 40s had a higher health age difference, at 4.26 and 4.3 years respectively.

Lifestyle, stress and particularly lack of exercise have the greatest effect on ‘Vitality’ and the way employers manage their multi-generational workforce can encourage workers to look after their mental and physical well-being. Employee benefits, flexible working and fair working practices can all contribute to a healthier and more satisfied workforce.

It is once again good to hear that as the numbers of more mature workers increase, they will have yet more benefits to offer employers.



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