Welcome To The Dramatic Start Of 2014

StormsWelcome to 2014.  And whilst I think I am quite glad that 2013 is finally over, the start to the New Year has already been pretty dramatic.

The great British obsession with the weather has been in full force and with good reason. Storms with gale force winds and torrential rain, despite the mild temperatures and sunny spells has definitely been one of the main talking points so far. We’ve had no chance of going out in the boat over the holiday period so I am looking forward to sunshine and a view of the marina whilst I am on holiday in  Gran Canaria.

Watching the news over the Christmas and the start of the New Year, I couldn’t help sympathising with those unfortunate people who were flooded out of their homes or who were without power for a week. But the news coverage about the complaints from people about how long it took for  the utility companies to get the electricity back on again in some areas made me wonder if the delays were in part due to lack of emergency resource planning as much as the size of the problem.

With so many people on holiday at Christmas – contacting staff and mobilising them to get them to the problem areas to reinstate the power supplies will have been a huge logistical challenge for the electricity companies. If they didn’t have enough staff on standby or  weren’t able to easily identify people who were available and had the necessary skills, or didn’t have systems in place to enable them to contact employees quickly, the process would have been  slow and manual and would inevitably have led to delays in response.  I also wonder how many payroll errors there were when it came to working out the overtime bill at the end of the month!  A sophisticated mobile workforce management system would definitely have been an advantage particularly if they didn’t already have a similar system in place.

Whatever the weather where you are, I would like to wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year and hope that you have avoided the worst of the storms.


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