Staff Central


At Staff Central we invite you to drop in from time to time and join the conversation about effective workforce management in the UK.  Staff Central aims to bring together groups of like-minded individuals who share a common goal to improve organisational efficiencies by gaining a greater insight into their workforce.

Staff Central blogger Neil Pickering will share his viewpoints, and will also welcome guest blog posts from industry experts, customers, journalists, and anybody else out there with an interesting or controversial perspective on managing the workforce in the UK.

Neil-1-LIAbout Neil Pickering

Neil leads the Kronos UK marketing team, which supports the company’s direct and partner lead operations. Neil started his career in engineering consultancy but his passion for technology and an opportunity to capitalise on his knowledge has since seen him hold various Sales, Business Development and Marketing positions in the software industry, now spanning over 15 years.

Two wheel transport plays a big part in of Neil’s  life – motorcycles and cycling. You can find him riding whenever he gets the chance.

For more insights you can follow Neil on Twitter at @ZamberP.


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