74 shopping days to Christmas & circa 100,000 extra staff to manage – Ho, Ho, Ho!

Christmas HelpersWith just 74 shopping days to  Christmas, many organisations are already geared up to hire more employees to cover the Christmas period. Many sectors are affected by seasonal demand but Retail, Hospitality, Logistics and Distribution are generally the largest employers of temporary workers over this period.

According to figures from the British Retail Consortium, ­big-name stores between them take on almost 5% extra staff from October onwards, which amounts to 54,703 workers (almost 1,000 for every shopping day between then and Christmas). Among the largest employers are our supermarkets. Last year the leading three stores took on nearly 30,000 extra seasonal staff, with Tesco recruiting 6,000, Asda 7,000 and Sainsbury’s a whopping 15,000.

Even outside retail there are many organisations with a huge need for seasonal staffing, distribution and logistics for example with  the Royal Mail set to recruit more than 21,000 seasonal staff to help sort our Christmas post. These temporary jobs are available between early November and January 2014 to support Royal Mail’s permanent 124,000 postmen and women who sort and deliver the mail all year round.

That’s a lot of new employees to onboard, train, schedule and pay accurately in a very short space of time.

Once sourced, the biggest issue for these organisations is how to schedule and monitor the hours that their seasonal staff work. Many of them like the Co-Operative Group, IKEA, Wincanton and DHL benefit from an automated workforce solution that can monitor, track and schedule employees to demand and ensure employees are paid correctly. This can ease the burden for managers– saving time on back office tasks and giving them more time to train and supervise the performance of new (and existing) staff, ensuring that customers remain satisfied. So if you are sick of seasonal headaches when managing your temporary Christmas staff it may be time to consider a solution that will help productivity, customer satisfaction and your bottom line.