Real Time Information – Are you ready?

Simon MacphersonMany of you will know from 6 April 2013 employers will have to start reporting PAYE information to HMRC in real time. You may see this referred to as Real Time Information – or RTI.

This means that employers (or their accountants, bookkeepers or payroll bureau) will have to send details to HMRC each and every time they pay an employee, at the time they pay them and use payroll software to send this information electronically as part of their routine payroll process.

Although I am sure most organisations will already have electronic payroll solutions in place, I do wonder how many organisations have an efficient workforce management solution in place delivering accurate payroll hours and data to that system. I can only begin to imagine the chaos when organisations try to rectify the inevitable mistakes created by collecting hours manually, loading them into an electronic payroll data system and then loading all those errors in “real time” to a government system! It’s situations like this that makes me so proud of what we do for our customers.

Using a workforce management solution that automatically captures employee time electronically via terminals, biometrics, mobiles, laptops or tablets reduces payroll errors to zero and ensures accurate payroll, in “real-time”!

It will be very interesting to review the news after the first payrolls are processed in April and the mistakes roll in. I’d be very interested to hear from you with your experiences.