A Lighter Look at Customer Dissatisfaction

One way to improve customer service is to make sure enough staff are available to serve your customers… I am sure we have all been in this situation? By scheduling staff accurately and using  data analytics to forecast demand – you will take one step closer to making your customers very happy!



Who is in love with the Cloud?

The clouds may often seem grey in the UK but the love affair organisations have with running key strategic IT software solutions in the cloud is heating up. The ability of a company to focus on its core competency, to deliver shorter time to value on key business solutions or outsourcing IT activity where resource is limited or being stretched to the limit is certainly making many people very passionate about the cloud.

Workforce management is undoubtedly one of those key business solutions; the quicker it can be deployed, the quicker it can deliver on the promise of competitive advantage. Cloud can offer the flexibility you want; whether you want an on-premise solution or one that is hosted elsewhere. The fact that you can retain control of your solution if you wish and that your supplier will have the expertise and resources to manage things like application updates or database management is very attractive.

So if your heart is beating a little faster and you want to find out more about reducing risk, optimising a workforce management solution in the Cloud and how you can gain competitive advantage for your organisation – take a look at this Aberdeen report ‘Workforce Management Technology in the Cloud: Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiencies’ that may be of interest to you and enjoy the ‘love-in’ this week with all things in the Cloud.

I love the Cloud
I love the Cloud